Monday, April 23, 2007

Saturday's Thrifting

I found some more treasures on Saturday....A couple of pillowcases and a few small pieces of fabric that I will probably use for pockets on aprons.

Two balls of crochet thread (I plans to use the yellow to try out the flower I found earlier) and underneath it the bargain of the day - a yard and a little bit of blue wool felt for 50 cents!

Some fun buttons! All for a quarter!

And this great crochet magazine from 1952!

Most of this I found at a new place for me - a fun little store in the basement of a church that smelled like an old house and yielded some great finds! Hopefully the sun will come out at some point today so I can show you the projects I worked on this weekend. Thanks for reading! It's been so fun getting comments from all who have left them!


Christina said...

Very nice finds! I'm looking forward to hearing how you do with the crochet flower! :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Wow - you did very well thrifting! Congrats!

(Check out the tiny waist on the woman on the magazine cover....!)