Friday, October 19, 2007

a few things

1) Thanks so much for all of your encouraging and supportive comments on my last post. The boys and I have been laughing and playing a little more in the last couple of days. I have some plans for moving things around in the house to help us be more balanced in our days. More on that later.

2) Want another chance to win one of my bags? Leave a comment here.

3)I was flattered to be seen here.

4) Many of you asked about the jacket. Well, it's on hold, while I help a friend sew some of her new fabric into something pretty. It's not hard with such lovely fabric. And I'll get back to the jacket just as soon as I can. The weather next week looks perfect for jacket wearing.

5) Enjoy your weekend!


Beth said...

I saw you on decor8! CONGRATS!!

Shaka said...

sounds like you've been up to a lot of good stuff! have fun with your kids!

Lisa said...

I love all the great projects you have on your Etsy site. I'll be back to visit to see what else you're working on.

iSew said...

You've been a buys girl. I'm impressed that you can still find time to sew things for yourself and to help your friends. Amazing. I'm rubbish at scheduling my time these days.
I saw you on Decor8 too, you're a star!