Thursday, January 17, 2008

A few Etsy Topics

Just a few things about Etsy today that I have figured out in the last week or so. Maybe you already know about these things, but I thought I would share just in case.

Have you every wanted one of these fab logos on your blog? I finally found out where people are getting them in the forums this morning.

Also while wandering the forums last week, I found out about this super useful tool, Heart-o-Matic, that will show you a listing of all your items with the number of people who have hearted them. No more clicking on each item individually to see how many hearts it has - such a time saver! Just enter your username or Etsy ID and you are on your way.

And, I wanted to ask my fellow Etsy sellers if you have ever bought a showcase? If so, what did you think about what it did for your shop - was it worth it? If so, what kind of a showcase was it? It's something I've been considering, but I'm not sure if it would really pay off. Maybe just consistent daily listings are more useful which is something I would do anyway.

Thanks for all your warm wishes about the cold weather - it is making it more bearable! I'm a little behind on the second edition of the new purse, but I do appreciate your advise. It's unanimous - more pockets are better, so there will be more pockets!

Have a wonderful day everyone! And try not to freeze!


beki said...

I'm interested to learn about what you find out. Even though I've had my stay shop for a while, I'm pretty much in the dark about it all.

kelly said...

sorry i don't have any info for you either. although i'm looking forward to reading any feedback. i keep thinking i'm going to try buying a spot. if i do, i'll be sure to let you know.

Pieces said...

That heart-o-matic thing is cool! Thanks for sharing what you found. I always end up overwhelmed and discouraged when I read the forums on etsy so I don't check them out anymore. Weird, I know.

Melissa said...

What cool stuff you found! Are you on the forums much? I used to be in there a lot, but I would waste so much time. They are kinda fun though. I want to hear what others think about the spots too!

Abby Stimpson said...
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