Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Topics

I'm not sure why, but yesterday and today have really felt like the Monday and Tuesday after Christmas vacation to me. Maybe I was being too nice to myself right after Christmas and things have finally caught up with me now. I don't know, but I sure have felt busy - bills to pay (like 10 of them - how did that happen?), today we had 4 appointments and pre-school plus all of the regular things like cooking dinner and cleaning up little messes and such. And last night I picked up my exercise routine again after a too long holiday break. Busy is good, right?

And what have crafty things have been keeping me busy? First, I wanted to show you the latest addition to my shop - this fun Valentine's Day banner. Anybody need some hugs and kisses? This should do the trick with it's XOXO message.

I've also had a few questions about my new bag. First, does the top fold over? Yes, it does. I got the idea from another bag I saw online and I thought it was a great thing - not just for looks, but for function too. I have lots of people ask me if I can add zippers to my bags for security reasons (and I can, if you're interested), but I thought this fold over top accomplishes the same thing without the zipper.

Second, a request to see the inside of the bag. Here it is - pockets on both sides. The final version might have more pockets - what do you think? Are more pockets better or is there a point where they are just more pockets?
I've been using this bag for a couple of days now and I really like it just how it is, so I'm thinking I might actually offer two versions - one just like this one, but with longer straps and one that is a little wider and has a plethora of pockets inside that could be used as a business bag (like for carrying files and such to and from work) or a diaper bag. I have several friends who are having babies this year and I'd love to give them a bag like this, maybe with a matching changing pad. I'll be experimenting with it in the next few days - I'll let you know how it turns out.

And in the meantime, I'll be bundled up trying not to freeze - six years in California (we've only been here for a year) was not good for my winter time cold resistance. I'm such a wimp now! Or maybe I just have forgotten that when you go out you need a little more than just a coat in a place with a real winter.


Mama Said Sew said...

Love the banner and the new bag Jess!

Make yourself a nice cuppa and curl up under a blanket. Warm and toasty. :)

Christina J. said...

The banner is really cute. I like pockets in my bags, so to me, more pockets are a good thing. I think your new bag is really great. I like the idea of making a larger one that someone could carry to work or use as a diaper bag.

Stay warm! :)

Karen said...

More pockets is good.
8 degrees is cold. Very cold.

iSew said...

LOL Poor California girl! Make some heavy quilts and get under them. haha I love the cold, I definitely wasn't meant to live here in CA. Trade ya?

My two cents on the bag...when I'm setup at the farmer's market I get more comments about pockets than anything. I sometimes just do one or two inside, like you've done. If they don't go all the way around the inside I get a comment that it'd be nice if there were more pockets. I guess too many is better than not enough. You can't please everyone.

Grayson said...

Hi Jessi! I'm with ya on the cold thing! Love the new bag! I'm a great lover of pockets, so my thought is that you can never have too many! And I also love any bag that has closures - fold, zipper, magnet, what have you. I once lost my car key at the movie theater (poor exterior purse pockets were to blame) and had a humiliating call of shame to my dad to pick us up.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Jessi! The banner is gorgeous and I'm loving the details of your new bag design.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of pockets too ... I've got an idea for the pocket application ... I'll email you ... I am going to a cold, cold part of the state tomorrow and Friday for work ... I think I'll pack up those heatpak things to keep me warm while I do inspections.

AND .. I love the banner too ... I'm working on you b-day present tonight ... I'm excited ... I'll probably make me one too. Love you, Mom

Melissa said...

When I was out driving today my car say it was 2 degrees! Should it EVER really need to be a single digit outside? You're not a wimp, it just is FREEZING!!!!
I don't think there is such a thing as too many pockets if it's my purse. I'd add some bigger ones and maybe one on the outside. (But that does make it more of a hassle to produce them in bulk!)

Darcy said...

Sounds like more pockets is the majority here but I actually like it with just the two you have. I'm pretty minimalistic when it comes to my purse though. I only carry necessities. As long as I have a pocket for my cell phone, a small bottle of lotion and 1 tube of lipgloss I'm good! :) A zippered pocket on the inside would be really nice for loose change. Someday I would like to try doing that in a bag....once I get over my fear of zippers!

Anyway, I think the bag looks fabulous. The combination of the fabrics is perfect!