Tuesday, February 12, 2008

an accomplishment and an announcement

So, I did it - I finally finished the second, larger version of this bag that I have had cut out for at least two weeks! Nothing like a funk and a cold to slow you down. Today the sun was bright and shiny and it was making me feel bright and shiny, so I hope the funk is gone and I know the cold is gone because I can breath with my mouth closed for the first time in four days.

So, the bag...it's quite large - perfect for packing all sorts of fun stuff. I was thinking diaper bag when I made this, so I lined the entire bottom with pockets and added a cell phone and small pocket to the top half. I think I'll leave the small pocket out on the final version - it was just a little too much pocket and didn't really fit.

I also quilted the top part of this, but it took forever and it was really hard to make it all straight (maybe I was just trying to go too fast), and I'm not sure it really added that much to the bag (except for a lot more thread!), so I think that won't be part of the final version either.

I did decide that this one was good enough for giving away and now it's all packed with fun baby goods and ready to give to Peter's speech therapist who is having her first at the end of the month. Today is Peter's last session with her until May - I hope he transitions well to the substitute.

And my announcement (oh, wait, I just realized what you all must be thinking - no, no it's not that) - it's a new blog!! I've moved over to Typepad. So, take a minute, stop by, and change your reader subscription to jumpupanddown.typepad.com! I will probably just post one more announcement here in a day or two (for those who didn't make it to the end of this post) and other than that, I'll be completely on Typepad now. Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jessi ... I love the bag and the all-around pocket... I have a suggestion to make the quilting go faster ... use the widest double needle ... it gives a different look on the underside but it's kind of a cool look ... you might want to try that ... I like the rows of stitches and this way it could go twice as fast. Well sweetie ... I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend .. love you, Mom

lera said...

The bag looks great!

I'll have to check you out on your new pad. Congrats on your move.

Phoebe said...

I love the new bag! Maybe I'll have to use my credit towards one of those...

iSew said...

The bag looks great, I love the bright green. I agree with you about the stitching. ! like it, but it must have taken forever and it's hard to see a return on that sort of thing if you're selling it.

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