Tuesday, February 5, 2008

fighting the funk...

Thanks for all of your encouragement on my last post. I've decided I'm not going down without a fight. The mid-winter and post-birthday blues (I'm always OK with winter until my birthday is over and then I think it's just time for it to be spring - so at least I get one extra month of relative satisfaction with winter.) will not get me! And here is my plan of attack:

1) Drive north to visit Missy for the afternoon.
status: Accomplished yesterday - the sun was shining on the way up and the kids laughed and played and then cried when it was time to go home. Fun for all! Thanks for having us Missy!

2) Start an all new project - one that I've been thinking about and had supplies for for months.
status: Getting there. I've left it out on my sewing room floor and it makes me smile every time I walk by. Any guesses about what it is?

3) Finish some sunshine-y yellow vintage banners for the shop.
status: Banners are finished, the sun came out today so pictures are taken, will list in the next day or two.
4) Just work through whatever is holding me back on the second trial of this bag and do it.
status: I got a great start last night. I actually almost finished the bag. This will no longer be the bane of my existence!Link

5) New mystery project in the works.
status: to be revealed later this week or early next week. Go to my shop for a preview.


Casey said...

Hey! Just checking out your blog!! Man- I'm impressed with the amount you are getting done if you are in a funk! Girl, when I am in a funk I get done a gallon of Ben and Jerry's and too much TV. Very impressive. Your new purse is adorable!! (And I love your son's hair! :) Take Care, Casey

Breanna said...

Your plan sounds good! I've been fighting off a funk as well. I haven't been quite as productive as you though... Your banners look so happy and sunny!

Melissa said...

We had SO much fun with you guys. Hannah was asking if we could play with Peter and "Aunt" Jessi again tomorrow. (That still cracks me up that she calls you that!)
I'm with the others, your "funk" is my good day! Your stuff looks great!!!
PS- I am LOVING the new banner in your etsy shop. Makes mine look drab now, time for an update!

Unknown said...

the banner is so beautiful. just what you need to chase away those winter blahs.

Pieces said...

Wow, great ideas to chase away the blues. Is the new project a mobile? Or are the fishies for applique?

Heidijayhawk said...

the yellow pennants make me happy just looking at them!

iSew said...

So glad you're working through the funk. I'm a bit funky right now too. I think it's more of a burn out though. Nick & I had a good talk about it at lunch so I'm feeling hopeful.

Love the banner!