Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Checked Off

Yesterday was a day for finishing up loose ends. I had a couple of projects around that have almost been finished for a while now, so I worked on getting them out of the way so I can get started on some new things with a clean slate.

First, I finished this pennant banner made from bright, fun fabrics. I made two of these for a custom order last week and I like how they turned out so much and I had enough leftover flags to make another. Most of these fabrics are from my Mom's stash (which is much, much larger than mine), so does this count toward the Use What You Have Challenge? My Mom could probably never use her stash all by herself, so I was glad to help her out - thanks Mom!

Second, I finished this tote. I made the body of the tote a while back when I was making one for Natasha for the My Favorite Things Swap. I wasn't sure if I would crochet the handles for this one, so it got left undone. I finally did decide to crochet the handles and that took a little while too, so now here it is. And if you were wondering, the inspiration for the fun ric rac and trims at the top came from my shower curtain. Maybe you saw it in Target last year - a fun blue curtain with horizontally placed ric rac and trims. I had my eye on this curtain for a long time and eventually found it in on clearance for $7, which made it even more lovely.

It's nice to have both of these projects out of the way. And now they are both in the shop.

I also finished up my sewing projects for the Sweet Goodness Swap. Now I just have to gather up a few more items and send off the package. My partner, Jane, is new to blogging and an amazing artist and quilter, so stop by and say hello.


Christina said...

It's nice to have a day like that, isn't it? I always feel so much better when I can finish up loose ends.

I really like your pennant banners. They're so cute.

Target is the best. I love that place.

I'm nearly finished with my project for the swap, too. My goal is to finish the last item tonight.

Natasha said...

Jessi, since you enjoy swaps, I thought I'd tell you about an upcoming Christmas one. It's called "Pink Christmas" and you can read all about it by going to the "Kristi" link on my sidebar. This girl has awesome ideas. She is a friend of one of my grad school friends and I've been following her blog for almost a year. I missed out on Pink Christmas last year but signed up right away this year. I think signup is 'till this weekend. Kristi is very organized about the whole thing and had great success last year. Plus, we have from now until Christmas to get our handmade item done!

Heidijayhawk said...

the penant banners rock! such a talented gal you are!

Randi said...

Your projects turned out great! How nice to have a mom with a fabric stash!

Shaka@fun that is funny said...

cute bag! i love bags! some girls buy too many shoes-i buy too many bags.

Jenn Maruska said...

What a pretty bag! : )

Pieces said...

It is funny how accomplished I feel when I finally finish a project that has been sitting around--even if it is just sewing on a button. That is what makes procrastination rewarding!

Jody said...

The tote is beautiful. The ric rac and trim really bring out the colors of the flowers.