Wednesday, August 15, 2007

H is for Happy

Just a few things that are helping to keep a smile on my face today....

  1. I discovered yesterday that Little P likes green beans - both raw and cooked versions.
  2. I woke up this morning, turned on my computer and found and e-mail telling me I'd been featured here.
  3. There is no more chocolate in the house - nothing to tempt me. It's overdue, I know, but I am really trying to lose this baby weight.
  4. Yesterday I got some more purses cut out from Amy Butler fabrics. I can't wait to sew them up!
  5. I also cleaned my carpet yesterday - it was so filthy and now I can enjoy it's lovely cleanness.
  6. I got some serious comment love on my last post! Thanks everyone! I should cook and take pictures of it more often.
I hear Baby N whining for me upstairs, so I guess it's time for the day to begin...hope you're having a lovely one!


LeeAnn said...

Your house is clean, you have ready to sew purses in yummy prints, and your kids likes veggies! What an awesome time!

Natasha said...

That sounds like a start to a great day!! ENJOY!

beki said...

Sounds like life is good :)

Sarah said...

Happy is a good thing. A clean house, a project cut out and kids eating veggies willingly sounds fabulous!