Tuesday, August 28, 2007

U, V, W, X, Y, and Z

U is for Utah - the state where I grew up. When I was thinking about this post, I was almost going to write " the state where I was born," but then I realized that was not true. I was born in Oregon, but my family moved (back) to Utah when I was three months old. I love Utah for so many reasons - it really is such a beautiful state. I spent my childhood summers at lakes, in mountains, and at national parks and I never left the state. I love that Utah has four seasons. When we lived in California, I missed the winter most of all. I loved it when it would snow when we came home for the holidays. I went to and graduated from the University of Utah. All of my family (minus one cousin) lives in Utah. I'm glad I grew up in such a great state and have reason to go visit frequently!

This is Ryan and his sister shoveling snow on the day after Christmas 2003. I got to watch and take pictures because I was 5 months pregnant.

V is for varicose veins. I have some serious varicose veins. My legs look like the legs of a 75 year old woman. And I have my two boys and a rock repelling injury (this is a long story - e-mail me if you want more details) to thank for this. I will spare you pictures as they really are quite gross. Other people probably wish that I took more care to cover them up, but I don't. I like to wear skirts, but not pantyhose and I refuse to wear long pants during the summer So, if you know me in person, you have probably seen my yucky legs. I know I can get them fixed and I probably will once we are certain we are done having babies, though I'm not certain my legs will survive another pregnancy.

W is for Wee Wonderfuls. If I recall correctly, Wee Wonderfuls was the first craft blog I ever read. I don't remember how I found it. This was a little more than six months ago and I had been reading the blogs of a few of my friends and then suddenly I was reading craft blogs. I started here and then I would click on links to people in the comments to find other craft blogs. And before I knew it, I was using Bloglines and had subscribed to over 100 blogs. Yikes! So, we have Wee Wonderfuls to thank for my little obsession, me starting a craft blog (and an Etsy store too since I'm sure I wouldn't have run into Etsy without this start), and for helping me to meet all of you! I think it was great that I stumbled upon it!

X is for X-ray. I had several x-rays when I was a girl. When I was 8, I woke up one morning and I could not move. My back was killing me! I laid on a board on the floor for two straight days because this was the most comfortable position. When we went to the doctor, we found out that I had scoliosis. It was never so bad that I needed a brace, but I did have to go to get an x-ray every six months for the first little bit and then every year until I hit puberty to keep an eye on it and make sure my little curve wasn't getting any worse. And I am still crooked. When I am standing up straight and tall, one of my shoulders is lower than the other - nothing you would notice unless you were looking for it.

Y is for Yikes! Have you noticed that I use this word a lot?

Z is for Zoo. We love going to the zoo. Did you know that most zoos have a family pass that you can buy that will get you into your zoo and many other zoos around the country for a free or reduced price? We used our zoo pass this past weekend to visit the zoo in a city about an hour away from us (for free!). We were impressed by the variety and the general look of the zoo - it was pretty up to date in terms of the animal enclosures and such, especially for a relatively small city. And does every zoo have one of these lion drinking fountains? I've seen them at so many!
And there you have it, me from A to Z. It's been a fun little blog project. Thanks to Bella Dia for the idea. You can check her blog for links to more folks who are participating. And before the summer is gone, I think I'm going to take a little blogging break. I have some things at home that I need to do and a large wholesale order of purses, so I'll see you in a week or so! Enjoy!


Sarah and Jack said...

Our zoo does not have a lion drinking fountain!

I think Wee Wonderfuls started it all for me too.

Sarah said...

We don't have a lion drinking fountain either (I don't think).

For me it was all buttoned up.

Seems like we're all bunching up the end of the alphabet to get it over with! :o) It's fun, but I'm glad I'm nearing the end... It's been fun reading your ABC's!

randi---i have to say said...

Wee Wonderfuls was one of the first craft blogs i found also!

Enjoy your blogging respite!

Windybrook Spinner said...

That alphabet thing was fun. Have fun with your bags!

lera said...

O is for "Ouch" for Varicose Veins. I (somehow miraculously) did not have those problems, but my poor mother (a mother of 8) had them terribly. I saw how much pain she was in.

Heidijayhawk said...

we DO have a lion drinking fountain and my kids have always adored it. they can have a drink in their hands and still stop. thanks so much for sharing a bit of you this month.

Angela said...

I'd not heard of WW until just now but seeing madaline at the top and the first few posts makes me add it to my reader. I too just read my friends blogs until three or four months ago when I got sick of clicking on each and everyone twice a day to see who updated and then reader showed up in my google account. So here I am about 126 subscribed feeds later.

iSew said...

I haven't been to the zoo for a while, but the last one I went to was in England. It was a pretty good sized one, but nothing like the San Diego Zoo. We used to go there when I was little. I grew up in California and now I'm back. I'd love to live someplace with winter.