Friday, April 20, 2007

the Banner is finished, now where's Spring?

Welcome Spring! Too bad the weather isn't cooperating - still cold and rainy today. This was so much fun to put together and I love how it turned out. It adds a little bit of spring to my boring kitchen wall. We moved here about 5 months ago and haven't done anything with this enormous white space yet, but this looks good for now. So, I ended up making two of these and I think it will be one of the first handmade items that I put in my Etsy shop. This week I started listing vintage patterns. I have always loved looking through the patterns in thrift stores and this has given me an excuse to buy all of the ones that I like. So much fun! And I sold my first one the day after I listed my first set, so the next morning I put together a hang tag for my items. It was so exciting to take it to the post office and send it off.
I have wanted to sell my sewn and handcrafted items for some time. A few months ago when I discovered Etsy and sewing and crafting blogs, I knew I had found my perfect outlet. I think I will be ready to put my handcrafted items in the shop in a week or two. I need to come up with a fabric/cloth tag to put on my items. I have been looking for some place that won't make me buy a bazillion but still makes a good quality tag - does anyone know of any good tag sources?

hope you all have a good weekend!


Jenn Maruska said...

Congrats on your sale! And welcome to Etsy : )

I, too, am looking for a good tag source. At the moment I'm using Printed Treasures - these are fabric sheets that you can run through an inkjet printer at home. They've worked well and are affordable - but aren't as sophisticated as getting nice woven tags. I think I'm finally ready to "upgrade".

Love how your banner turned out - thanks for sharing photos! : )

jessica said...
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jessica said...

Thanks - I'm glad you like it!

How do you stop the edges from fraying on the fabric sheets? Do you just use fray check or do you hem them in some way? I have seen people do this but wondered how they kept them from fraying?