Sunday, April 29, 2007


Christina tagged me over the weekend. Like her, this is my first time being tagged and this tag works like this - google your first name, followed by "needs." So, I googled "Jessi needs" and apparently here is what I need:
  1. a hug and a kiss - don't we all?
  2. tattoo help - I do?
  3. to understand that today's world has very few people who independently do anything! - this probably could help me out, but it seems downright pessimistic.
  4. the help of the powerful and secretive unicorns to save both worlds - good to know, I guess...
  5. some maternity clothes - I sure hope not, I've still got two little ones who keep me up all night.
  6. to take a shower - already took care of that one tonight.
  7. to learn things the hard way - I already knew this. It is apparent in my everyday life.
  8. a cheap Dell laptop - DH wouldn't be too happy if I brought a PC into the house.
  9. a break - don't we all?
  10. to check installer - OK, will do.
Thanks Christina - it was fun. And I'll tag my friend Phoebe.


Christina J. said...

Your results were fairly practical! And #4 is good to know, I guess... :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Is your husband a Mac guy, too?

Yeah, mine wouldn't be too happy about that either - we're Mac Addicts!

: ) Jenn