Friday, October 12, 2007

Remember, Part 2

Do you remember this? I have had this name stitched for a while now. But I have been putting off this post because I knew there was no way I could adequately express how I feel about this. I am grateful to have been a part of this project and I look forward to carrying the tote when it is my turn. I hope it will give me a chance to tell people about Alicia.

Alicia A. Birchett

She was my same age.

She died on my anniversary.

She left three sons and a husband.

She joined the military so she could see the world and contribute.

She died from injuries sustained when the brakes failed while she changed a tire on a truck.

I wish she were still here.

While searching for information about Alicia, I came across a page that listed pictures and names of the one hundred and forty-one men and women my age who have died in this war. This war that never should have happened. I weep for them. I still have so much life ahead of me and while I am grateful for these men and women who have sacrificed, I can't help thinking that they should all still have so much life ahead of them too.


randi said...

This is a wonderful thing to do!

Sarah and Jack said...

I signed up for this too, but my name isn't here yet. Sad to think about her kids without mama...:-(.

Anonymous said...

Oh she was beautiful. I'm jealous, I tried to join in, but got wait listed. :( I will have to see it when you get it!


Heidijayhawk said...

i got wait listed too. it breaks my heart vthat i will get a name, i know i will get a name. i'm so glad to see you have identified with her so much.

comfortable said...

It's good to have people like you helping out for great causes. I've never heard of The Mothers Day Project, but I really want look around their website.

Windybrook Spinner said...

Okay, that was very depressing Jessi. It's not like war should ever happen or anyone should get sick or be sad or get hurt by anything. She could have died changing a tire here too you know. That's just life. I am very sad about her kids, but they'll know they had a very brave mother who did what she felt was right. Sorry to be such a grouch, but I am confused about why she left her family. I'm glad you have gotten to be part of such a neat project, though. We just don't hear much about the many men and women who are dying over there, so thank you for telling her story.

Natasha said...

Oh, how meaningful to be a part of that!

Mama Said Sew said...

This is a lovely thing to do Jessi. I'm glad you shared what you know about Alicia.