Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Autumn

I'm not sure why I am so into autumn this year. I am normally a fan of autumn, but not like this year. This year autumn is my best friend. I walk outside and my heart jumps upon feeling the crisp air. I glory in those days that are dreary and i n those days that are full of golden autumn light. Everything about this season is making me a very happy girl this year.

Yesterday we made Amy's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins and they really are "mackin good." Little P couldn't keep his hands off of them - every time I turned around he had another muffin. I guess that's what I get for leaving them in reach of a three year old. Even Baby N was a big fan and he's been a bit of a picky eater lately. This is only because he's finally going to have more than six teeth and it seems they are all coming at once - poor guy. Oh wait, poor me! I'm the one who was up with him four times last night while he cried and cried and cried.

And in the spirit of destashing and autumn, I put together some Autumn Inspiration/Goody Packs for The J Shop. Check them out!

Happy Autumn everyone! Again! (This is probably not the last time you will hear this from me.)


Mama Said Sew said...

I made Amy's muffins too, but my didn't come out as pretty as yours. DS put in a few too many chocolate chips and THEN decided they also needed sprinkles!! After all that, he ate 1/2 a muffin and didn't want any more.

Oh well, more for me. :)

Christina J. said...

It was a happy day for me when N. finally had his teeth! I feel for you!

Those muffins look great!

Sarah said...

Even with our paltry showing, I'm all about autumn this year! We played soccer outside til it got dark, and that little chill in the air and the breeze through the trees was so great.

Mmm... those muffins look goooood....

Natasha said...

OOOH, thanks for the idea! Next time I just may add choc chips to my pumpkin batter! I have never done that, but I love to sprinkle some into my banana bread batter.

Darcy said...

The Halloween banners turned out very cute. So glad you posted the link to the muffins - they sound yummy!

My Ava is also cutting teeth right now so I can relate!

I tagged you for a meme if you want to play along. If not, no big deal! :)

Breanna said...

Those muffins look good! Today it finally feels like fall around here, I might just have to do some baking!