Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Update & Finds

I was going to wait until I had finished the re-finishing project to show pictures, but I've been using the desk for a few days now and it just didn't seem right not to share it. I really like how it turned out - just enough brightness to add a bit of fun, but not so much that I'll get tired of it in a few months. Technically, it is not finished yet as I will still be replacing the knobs with some cool glass ones that I found on ebay. Hopefully those will arrive next week.

I am still working on stripping the dresser and bench - things have slowed way down in that department. I think it's holding me back in general - do you ever have a project that you haven't finished and you don't feel like you should start anything else until it's done? That's how I'm feeling about this re-finishing. I haven't done much sewing or crochet this week and I actually haven't done much re-finishing either, but I still feel like I can't do anything until the re-finishing is done. I'm hoping to have a few hours to work on it tomorrow while DH is home and can watch the boys. Not only do I want to use the dresser and bench, but I also want the garage back. It's starting to get warm out and parking in the hot sun is no fun.

Even though I've neglected the sewing machine this week, I haven't neglected the thrift stores. This is becoming a serious addiction! And no wonder - today I got a set of quilt frame bases (no long boards or clamps, just the bases) for $15! I actually saw these a few days ago and then early this morning while I was up with baby N, suddenly they came back to my mind and I thought, "Why didn't I buy those?" I wanted to get some about two years ago and looked into it and couldn't find any for less than a few hundred. So this morning we were there right when the store opened and luckily, they were still there. YEAH! Now I will just have to find some boards and clamps, which shouldn't be hard. Here are some of my other finds:

A couple of sweaters that I felted. This was my first try at felting. It worked really well. The sweater on the left was a very large mens sweater and the wool was actually woven instead of knitted. Now it looks like it would fit my 3 year old.

On the left is about 1 yd of denim and on the right about 1 yd of teal corduroy. Both will be great for totes. I also picked up this set of embroidery iron-ons. I am really in love with these lately although I haven't embroidered since I was a girl. I had to buy an entire bag of yarn (for only 50 cents) to get those great scissors - I don't think anyone knew they were in there. They are still sharp enough to use. Now I have two pair of old scissors. Maybe this will become a collection.

And this is the great sheet that I picked up. I'm not sure if it's vintage or not, but it's in great shape and I love the pattern. I think it would make great totes or maybe another summer skirt. Any other ideas?

Have a great weekend everyone!