Friday, May 11, 2007

Making Progress

I don't have much to show this week except for this refinishing project, but I am making progress on it. The desk is just about ready to prime and then paint. I am finished stripping it, but need to sand it a little bit. Then today I discovered a pretty big hole in the top (not sure how I missed that before), so I need to get some filler. Here's what everything looks like today:
The desk with drawer on top and stool. The top of the stool only had two layers of paint on it so I thought I could just sand it, but then I discovered that the sides have the same six or so layers that the desk and dresser have - yuck!

The dresser - I just started on this yesterday.

This photo shows all the layers of paint - green, black, blue, peach, lavender, and then white. This is why I had to strip the paint. It seemed inane to add any more layers.

Thanks for all your well wishes for Baby N! Like any mom, I love it when others dote on my baby.

I've been trying to reply to comments, but it seems if you haven't left an e-mail (I think you do this when you register with blogger ) I can't get back to you easily, so please know I love getting your comments even if I don't reply. Sometimes I reply as a comment too, so if you're interested you can check back.

Have a nice weekend! Hopefully, I'll be bringing the desk in the house by Monday. I do still have to decide on a paint color, so that may hold me back, but I do want to get this finished and get back to my sewing machine.

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Christina said...

It's coming along! In a way, it's interesting to see all the different colors of paint it's been over the years, isn't it?