Wednesday, May 2, 2007

latest creations

We had a lovely time visiting family and friends last week. Unfortunately, P threw up (while being babysat by DH's sister) during the wedding, so I didn't stay for long. Oh well, such is life with a 3 year old. And now things are busy around her as we are preparing to celebrate N's 1st birthday on Saturday (actual b-day is next Tuesday, but family will be coming up so we'll celebrate with them on Saturday).

Here is what I've been able to fit in (probably mostly due to ignoring things I really should be doing) in the past little bit:

This is a little bag for P. I'm thinking of using it either as a lunch bag for pre-school next fall or as and activity bag - something that he can put a few things to do while we wait for the the doctor or at church. I used the fun alphabet fabric I found a couple of weeks ago for the stripe on the flap. I'm still trying to decide what kind of fastener to put on it - button, snap, or try to figure out how to do something with magnets? Any other suggestions?

These are some more towels with all sorts of different ribbons and fabrics for the pear and apple appliques. I still need to stitch around them, but they are getting there. The two ribbons with blue backgrounds ribbons I found at the thrift store a week or so ago. They remind of something I might find in my grandmother's stash. I'm thinking of keeping one of them for myself. I will use the others either as gifts or to put in the shop.

Speaking of the shop, I think I'm going to try making my own tags with printable fabric (thanks for the idea Jenn). I'm just waiting for the ink to come that I ordered last week. I'm tempted to just go get some at the store. DH says that if I do, the ink will come tomorrow and if I don't, it won't come for a few more days. He's probably right. Well, I won't wait past Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Love the towels - VERY cute!! I would suggest a magnetic closure for the bag but only if the lining is still open!

Jenn Maruska said...

I love the bag that you made - great colors!

Christina said...

The bag is great! My son was always carrying bags around when he was 3 (he's 6 now). He liked having a place to put his crayons and things to bring with him. And I really like the towels - cute!