Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Smaller Bag

Here is the smaller version of this bag. I rounded the sides a bit more and took a few inches off the body of the bag, but other than that, the design is the same. I also used my one and only red crochet flower to embellish it, along with a the yellow one that I made when I was figuring out the flower pattern.

Front View

the Flowers

Back View
I put it in the shop today.

Is anyone else getting more done now that all the TV shows are over for the season?


Jenn Maruska said...

Lovely, lovely bag!

Yes - it does seem to help when you aren't scheduled to watch something on tv. The holiday weekend was a nice jump start to getting some projects done.

(The little bag is great!)

: )

beki said...

Very cute! I am obsessed with bags of this shape, as you probably know :)

Natasha said...

That is a really cute bag!! love that fabric.

Also I think it is safe to say that the quilt top in the post below could be the best find I have seen yet!! Lucky lucky!!

Did you want me to put you in my drawing? Since you de-lurked and all :). I am a lurker too at some sites..weird isn't it- some you comment regular others you just watch.

breanna said...

I just stumbled onto your blog. Great bag! I love the colors. And I too am finding that my evenings are a bit more productive, but I do miss my shows...

iSew said...

What a cute bag! I haven't made anything exciting lately. Have you sold it yet? I'm sure you will.

Nan said...

I think my Mom made curtains or something with this same fabric back in the day! Cute bag!!

Kelly said...

i love the flower! i'm going to have to try this. i'm not much of a crocheter... very very amateur. but that flower is too dang cute. plus, there is this hat on etsy that i've been wanting to make, and it involves a flower. perfect!

Darcy said...

The bag looks great!