Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Question

Frilly Eyelet Bag
So here’s the question of the day - what do you do with something you made that you’re not quite sure you like how it turned out? I imagine this eyelet bag accompanying a young girl to church on Easter Sunday. It’s just not me, anymore. Fifteen or twenty years ago this would’ve made my heart skip a beat. This is one of those things that I planned out thinking it would look different than it turned out, but looking back, I’m not sure why I thought that – of course an eyelet lace bag trimmed with eyelet lace is going to look super frilly! So here’s the question: what do you do with these items? Just put them in a drawer and try not to think about them? Find someone else who appreciates it and give it to them? Use it anyway because you went to the trouble of making it? Normally, I wouldn't have even shown it to you, but I put it in my to-do list yesterday and some were curious to see how it turned out. Now, isn't the perfectionist in me just shining through right now?

On another note, this is what I did while I watched Gilmore Girls on DVD last night (until I fell asleep mid-stitch that is). I'm pleased with how they turned out. Look for some of them in the shop soon.
Decorated Onesies


Natasha said...

Your tote is cute and would make a great gift for a little girl. You know what else, it makes a perfect bag for holding jammies or for keeping panties and things in when you travel.

Those onsies turned out really cute too!!

Kelly said...

love the onesie. very cute. they look like they were fun to make.

Phoebe said...

I am dying for one of those onesies, Once I know if this is a boy or girl, I will be ordering! So darling...

Darcy said...

I think the bag turned out very sweet and agree that it would make a nice gift for a little girl.

The onesies are adorable! Onesies are my baby's summer pajamas. I hadn't thought of jazzing them up but they sure look cute like that.