Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thrifty Thursday

Even though you haven't seen it here, I have been doing a ton of thrifting lately. I am looking mostly for vintage sheets, fabrics, and sewing supplies and have found some great stuff lately. This photo is just part of what I've picked up recently - most of this is from garage sales last Saturday (there were 69 listed in our local paper! I made it to about 10.) and a quick trip into each store (we have 4 different ones that are open during the week, and one that is just open Tuesdays and Saturdays) in town this week.

I love the stash of ric rac and bias tape - based on the packaging, I would say it's at least from the 50's. One of the bias tape packages is marked 8 cents! And the set of crochet hooks I got for 99 cents - there are 7. I think I might already have some of those sizes, but you can always use a spare (especially me - I am always losing things).

And here is my other find - not a thrift find, but possibly a resource for the my fellow Etsy sellers. I bought this custom printed ribbon at to use for labels on my creations. I tried printing my own, but I found it was hard to get a nice edge on them and when I washed them, the ink disappeared - not good! I really like these - it was convenient that they had a polka dot ribbon and the same colors that I use in my Etsy banner and avatar. The cost was fairly reasonable, especially when compared with custom printed labels - $30 with shipping (my only complaint is the shipping was $10 of this!) and I should have 80 to 100 labels on my 10 yard roll.


Katie Jean said...

Wow that is quite the find!! I love discovering things like that at the thrift store. Now you should come join us for the Use What you have challenge!

I was thinking about using that business to make some of my own ribbons. I love the way yours came out!

Jenn Maruska said...

Oh thank you for mentioning that label ribbon - I will definitely check it out - as I'm looking for new labels. Thanks!!!

Darcy said...

Good finds! I would love to find some sheets like those. And you can never have too much rick rack in my opinion! :)


I Love to Thrift too! You got some Great stuff!
Check out my blog & you can See some Goodies I have found lately :o)

Bridget said...

Oh, I love that ribbon! Thanks for sharing. I found you through 'According to Kelly's' blog