Saturday, June 2, 2007

Helping Fight Cancer with a Postcard

Christina just posted about Jennifer Dangerfield who has created an interesting and fun project to help fight ovarian cancer. My mother-in-law died of ovarian cancer before I was able to meet her, so this is a cause that touches me personally. It's so simple:
  • Let her know you want to play by e-mailing her and she'll send you a code along with her mailing address

  • Mail a postcard to her

  • And that's it! For every postcard she receives, she will donate $1 (up to $250) to Ovarian Cancer Action. You will be entered into a drawing to receive a jewelry prize as well!
This is the piece she is giving away for first prize. How gorgeous is that?! Check out the others.

Check out her blog for full details. I've told her I will play and she sent me a very nice e-mail with all the details in no time at all. And it's fun to see the postcards she's received so far.

Thanks to Christina for letting me copy her post!

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