Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Little Miracle

Here is my little plant. He has now been alive in my house for a few weeks. This is pretty much a miracle around here. You would think person who worked in a plant bio lab in college and has a biology degree would be able to keep her house plants alive, but that is not the case around these parts. The only way plants stay alive in our house is if DH takes care of them. But, DH, as far as I know, has not touched this little guy. I even had to transplant him this week because he was growing out of his first pot. I think he deserves a name. Feel free to make suggestions.


Christina said...

I understand what a feat that is! I can never keep plants alive. I think I buy them and I'm all excited and then eventually I lose interest and they die. That sounds terrible, doesn't it? Your little plant is looking very healthy. I don't know why, but the name Herbert comes to mind. :)

Jenn Maruska said...

I had one of those kind of plants once (I don't know the name of it) and it grew like crazy - hope yours does, too!

: )

Melissa said...

I love naming plants! I have a cactus that I got my first semester of school whose name is Harry! The reason I have a cactus is because I have a hard time keeping things alive! Well Done!

Some ideas for names- Theodore, Jett, and Gavin. Also any names from the scriptures. I had a plant I loved named Shadrach.

Christy said...

How about "Mike the Miracle Plant"? I too have a Biology degree, but NOT a green thumb at all! Something about plants needing water and me never remembering that little fact.

Your etsy shop looks great! I had to chuckle at your Butterfly Bell Bag. I thrifted that same sheet a few weeks ago. Such a funny world we live in! I hope I can make mine into something as pretty as that bag. :)