Friday, June 15, 2007

For a Friend

eco-friendly toteeco-friendly tote inside
This bag is for my super eco-friendly friend, Kate (if you're reading Kate, sorry to ruin the surprise) and I love how it turned out - it is made entirely of thrift shop or garage sale items, even the thread! I crocheted the handles, the outside is a tea towel I picked up last week at an estate sale (my last hurrah before joining the Use What You Have challenge), and the inside is a thrifted sheet. I love using thrifted materials - it creates a unique, one-of-a-kind look, I love the thrill of the hunt to find them, and of course, I'm saving them from entering the landfill and cutting down on resources used to make new items. All good things in my book. For more on the subject, read here.

And Christina has tagged me for a to-do list, so here are the first five things that come to mind.

1. Get a notebook so I can make a Father's Day Book like this one for Ryan.

2. Mail the Robocut that we sold on ebay this week. It didn't really work for our family, so hopefully it will get some use in its new home.

3. Start sewing and collecting the items I want to send for the Favorite Things swap.

4. Anticipate an e-mail informing me of my partner for the Sweet Goodness Swap. You still have today to sign up.

5. Figure out what we will eat for dinner tonight. It's Friday, right? Maybe we'll just order pizza.

Have a lovely weekend!

p.s. does anyone know why sometimes I have my lines are single spaced and sometimes 1.5 spaced (that's what it looks like) and how I get them to be 1.5 spaced because it makes for an easier read?


Christina said...

I love that notebook idea! I was going to go buy some cards, but I think I'm going to do that instead!

breanna said...

Great bag! I love how you crocheted the handles. I wish I could do that.