Thursday, June 14, 2007

Helpful hints for using bias tape

1. Check to make sure your kids haven't adjusted the tension on your machine before you start sewing.

2. Make sure not to cut the bias tape when you are clipping threads. But, if you do, embroider a wonky little bird over the hole.

3. If you really want help with bias tape, check out this tutorial.


Keli said...

I love your cute ideas, and am totally looking forward to buying some of your cute things in your ETSY shop! But I have a project of sorts and need some input. I have bought a new camera strap, and want to sew a cute patterned piece of material over the black part. Any ideas you can think of off hand? Thanks!


Sarah and Jack said...

I love the little bird.

Keli said...

Thanks, Jessi.

You're right, I am Phoebe's cousin. I love the idea of the ribbon. Makes much more sense than trying to finish the edges and have them frustrate the heck out of me. I'll definitely post the finished product for all to see.

FYI: I'm adding you to my links. Love love love your site!

Kelly said...

love the bird... i never would have guessed it was covering a mistake!

Pieces said...

I have cut holes in my bias tape more times than I'd care to admit. You'd think I'd learn my lesson. The bird is a great way to cover it!

Jess said...

Too funny! Also, I love the bird - I never would have thought of that, I would probably just get frustrated and quit.